Quality management

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A quality management standard describes which requirements the management system of an organization – be it a company or an authority – must meet in order to comply with a certain standard in the implementation of quality management. lt can be used both informatively for the implementation of certain standards within a company and as evidence to third parties. Evidence is provided through a certification process with subsequent issuance of a temporary certificate by independent certification bodies.
The German-language editions of these standards have the same content, depending on
the country:

  • DIN - Germany, bilingual German and English
  • ÖNORM - Austria, monolingual or bilingual German and English
  • SN - Switzerland, trilingual German, English and French
  • EN - European standard, trilingual German, English and French

The international edition is also available in Spanish and Russian.
The English version is also available as a "Redline", here all changes to the previous
standard are highlighted in colour.